Strahlenzentrum Hamburg is one of the leading centres for radiation medicine, radiosurgery and pain therapy. It’s also the only out-patient facility run by a doctor in Germany with therapy options using the Cyberknife and modern high-precision radiation therapy under one roof. As a result, the ideal, personal therapy plan can be selected at any time.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and procedures, flawless management and a personal touch in a relaxing atmosphere make this innovative out-patient facility stand out.


We’re here to help all cancer patients seeking non-invasive radiooncological therapy tailored to their needs – possibly even cancer therapy without chemo and/or surgery. We’d like to meet your requirements, after all, your health is our top priority.


Radiotherapy, radiosurgery and radiation oncology are used to treat benign and malignant diseases. We specialise in tumour-based diseases such as breast and prostate cancer.


We’re the experts for radiosurgery with the CyberKnife, which we’ve had since 2011 and is still the most innovative therapy for tumour patients. A virtual scalpel destroys diseased tissue at a high level of precision while sparing healthy tissue. It’s a unique piece of equipment that can treat some of the most complicated types of cancer, usually in just one session. You come as an out-patient, it requires no surgery, no anaesthetic and is painless.

Our goal is to cure you of cancer and ensure you regain your quality of life as quickly as possible.

We also offer non-invasive low dose radiation therapy to treat chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints and tendons. Examples of the problems we treat are osteoarthritis, tendonitis, cartilage inflammations, bursitis, tennis or golf elbow or heel spurs. The treatment is not stressful and has no side effects. In-depth scientific studies pay testimony to the lasting effectiveness of this therapy, which is why German health insurers pay for it.


To guarantee you receive the best-possible therapy, we’re an interdisciplinary team. Our focus is firmly on you as a human being and your illness.

If you decide to undergo therapy at our clinic, you can be sure we’ll address your fears, concerns and questions.

Consistent supervision by doctors specialised in the field

Regular, interdisciplinary case meetings (tumour conferences)

A coordinated treatment plan means shorts distances and waiting times

Liaison with your previous doctors

A pleasant atmosphere at the clinic and an attentive and expert team

Follow-up care and monitoring

Informative literature and other advice in print

A network of professionals consisting of doctors’ surgeries and hospitals

A modern clinic with leading-edge therapy equipment

Cancer treatment without chemotherapy


Radiotherapy is usually carried out in single sessions and therefore normally takes several weeks.

This makes the treatment effective and limits any short-term irritation that may occur.

The Cyberknife can provide a cure in just one session, if indications permit this type of therapy.


Contact us to find out more.

Please find a list of the indications below. Contact us if none of your indications is included. We’d be happy to talk to you about whether radiotherapy, CyberKnife therapy or low dose radiation therapy is an option for your condition.